Application for research support

All research projects conducted in HUME Lab or with the use of its equipment have to need to fulfill these steps before data collection.


1. Contact

If interested in conducting research in HUME Lab facilities or using its equipment, please contact us by filling up this short form. Please fill the form even if you already collaborated with HUME Lab in the past. We will contact you to inquire about the stage of your research proposal and ask for further details. This stage should lead to submission of a research proposal for approval.

Final version of the protocol and Consent form should be submitted via email (hume.lab (at) We also ask researchers to seek an IRB approval for the project at this point, as it also constitutes a necessary condition for the research to be conducted in HUME Lab.

2. Approval

The protocol will be sent to the Executive Board of HUME Lab to provide feedback and decide about the approval for realisation of the project. Upon approval of the research project by Executive board, researchers are contacted to agree on details of collaboration and access.

3. Agreement

The agreement is a formal settlement of agreed terms of conduct and outcomes of the project. It usually comprises of short description of researcher's entitlements and obligations as well as the obligations of the infrastructure. Depending on the status of the applying researcher or research team, there may be fees charged for the use of equipment, facilities and supervision by the lab staff. In case of several devices, we require researchers to undergo a training before using those devices on their own.

We ask all researchers using HUME Lab's resources to include this information to their publications and presentation outputs in form of dedication.

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