HUME Lab offers sets of devices for measuring/monitoring diverse physiological reactions, motion and social interaction as well as for presentation of a diverse range of psychometric tests and other stimuli.


Mobile Encephalograph with active electrodes (2x BrainProducts actiCHamp 32)


Mobile Functional near-infrared spectroscopy device (NIRx NIRSport)

Motion Capture System

High speed 16-camera motion tracking system (OptiTrack)

Virtual reality headset

Head-mounted virtual reality set (Oculus Rift DK2)

Blood Pressure Monitor

Mobile non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring device (2x CNAP 500HD)


Digital, pressure pain levels measurement device (Somedic)

Sociometric badges

Monitors of social interaction (16x Sociometric Solutions)

Hormonal levels measurement sets

Set for collection and storage of saliva samples for hormonal analysis (Sarstedt Salivette samplers, Eppendorf 5430 centrifuge, freeze storage)

Metabolic activity monitors

Digital monitors of physical and metabolic activity (15x SenseWear Armband)

Heartrate monitors

Heartbeat rate monitors with EKG and GPS (12x Zephyr Echo BioHarness)


Thermal imaging infrared camera (FLIR)

Eye Tracking

  • High quality Eye Tracking device with head fixation (SMI iView X Hi-Speed)
  • Desktop PC mounted Eyetracking device (SMI RED 500)
  • Mobile PC/laptop mounted Eyetracking device (2x SMI RED 250)
  • Wireless mobile Eye Tracking glasses (2x SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless)

Augmented reality

Glasses for augmented reality (Vuzix M100)

3D projection and presentation sets

Stereoscopic 3D display, PC monitors and TV sets (Barco, Volfoni)


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