The main aim of the HUME lab is to support and encourage new research projects using the experimental method. We provide and further develop expertise focused on the usage of innovative research techniques in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

To apply for the services and support please fill-out this FORM. We will contact you shortly after completion to ask for more detailed information and to discuss the specific terms of collaboration.

Below you will find detailed information on the processes involved in conducting research.

Specialised methods training (individual / workshops)

For students and researchers seeking to learn both basic and advanced methods we offer a range of short workshops and courses. We also organize talks by expert researchers, focused on specific topics and methods. To find out more about the planned activities, see the calendar (information is also available on our Facebook feed).

Research consultation

We aim to provide support for any methodological and technical issue encountered in the research process. For advanced consultations, we try to find suitable external advisors. If you are interested, please contact us.

Lab spaces usage

Tha lab spaces are highly transformable to allow for a broad range of experimental designs and needs. Research project approval must be obtained before the lab spaces can be used for individual research.

Apart from the main use for data collection, the labs can also be used for educational and presentation purposes. Contact us to consult other than research use.

If you are interested in using the space (including the use of the laboratories for non-research purposes), please contact us.

Specialised equipment

HUME Lab provides a wide range of equipment and software for your research projects.

The use of specialized equipment is free of charge for members of the HUME Lab research consortium and for researchers from the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University (is covered by faculty resources). Renting fees for other researchers are set individually, depending on he specific format of the colaboration.

Research project approval must be obtained before any of the equipment can be used for individual research (find the details of the process here). For usage on human participants, the researchers are also obliged to seek the approval by the Ethics Commitee for research.

Participant recruitment and organization

Research project approval and the approval by the Ethics Commitee for research must be obtained before data collection (find the details of the process here).

You can also use experienced student assistants in the lab to help you with the organizational aspects of experimental research as well as with data collection and basic data processing. If you are considering such help, please contact us.

Presentations and events

We strive to present research methodology and opportunities for engagement to the general public and academia. We organise events dealing with both theoretical introduction to experimental research methods for students or academics and demonstrations of the use of special equipment for research purposes. You can always find the current events on our Facebook profile.

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