About services for students

HUME lab helps students to become part of research teams, learn about experimental methodology and to use specialised software and equipment. Services for students includes:

  • Courses for BA level students
  • Courses for MA and Ph.D. level students
  • Open position 'Research Assistant'
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Lectures
  • Become a participant!

Courses for BA level students

HUMB003 - Experimental research - syllabus
The course provides with introduction to experimental method, giving students unique opportunity to be part of real scientific reasearch. Students are invited by researchers to participate on actual experiments conducted in HUME lab.

Courses for MA and Ph.D. level students

HUMB001 - Experimental Humanities I. - syllabus
The aim of the course is to prepare students for individual experimental research, using hands-on approach and full participation in preparation and realisation of an actual experimental research project.

HUMB002 - Experimental Humanities II. - syllabus
The aim of the course is to train students in specialised research methods, experimental design and data analysis. 

HUMB004 - Software design basics for researchers (in humanities) - syllabus 
This course introduces basic rules and principles of software design and development. The aim is to prepare students for design of software solution for their projects and to collaborate on its development with software specialists.


Masaryk University courses are open for all. We value interdisciplinarity. You can take the course even when it is not included in your main field of study. Don't hesitate to experiment with your curriculum!

Position: Research Assistant

 Are you interested in a position of research assistant? Research assistant´s job is to help organise testing sessions, follow precise script to collect data and report to researchers. Necessary skills are reliability, carefulness and communication.  Contact us.

Workshops and trainings

There are diverse workshops and training offered each semester, focusing on different methodological and practical issues. For updates about those opportunities, please follow our facebook page.


HUME lab invites experts, who can provide rare insights into specific research topics, instrumentation and methodologies. For updates about our planned events, please follow our facebook page.

Participants volunteers

We are constantly looking for participants volunteers. Don't hesitate to contact us. You can earn a little reward while experience something interesting and unorthodox. Sign up in our participant database (CZE).

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