Equipment and Facilities

The facility is located at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University (Brno) and constructed to be multifunctional with adjustable spaces solely dedicated to and specially equipped for diverse types of research and research designs in Experimental. There are several cutting-edge systems, software solutions, and a whole range of technical equipment which can be used and combined according to the needs and specifications of the specific research design.

Visualization system

Equipment for the presentation of psychometric tests and other stimuli. Compatible with the Multifunctional web platform (MWP).

  • Systems for 3D projection and viewing
  • Augmented reality systems
  • Set of PCs (3D and normal presentation of tests and stimuli, specialised software for data collection)
  • Set of tablets (presentation of tests and stimuli)
  • Systems for 2D projection and viewing

Motion and interaction monitoring

Equipment for monitoring and recording motion and social interaction.

  • Motion capture systems
  • Sociometric badges - monitors of social interaction
  • Eye-tracking systems (Desktop system, Remote system, mobile eye tracking glasses)
  • Thermocamera
  • Videocameras

Data administration and storage

A web platform enabling remote-control testing of diverse types of experimental research  (psychometric tests, economic games, physiological measures, etc.).

  • Multifunctional web platform (MWP)
  • Data server

Physiological measurements

The RI offers sets of devices for measuring/monitoring diverse physiological reactions, that are used as a proxy for different cognitive, emotional and motivational states and processes, the emphasis of which is twofold:  (a) on the precision of the measurements (all relevant devices are clinically tested and answer to for high standard medical research requirements) for controlled laboratory settings, and (b) on the portability of the relevant devices for usage in field experiments.

Measurement equipment

  • Mobile Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) devices
  • Mobile Clinical Electroencephalographs with psychogalvanometers
  • Mobile non-invasive continuous Blood pressure Monitors
  • Pressure algometer (pain levels measurement device)
  • Hormonal levels measurement sets (samplers, centrifuge, freeze storage)
  • Haptic bio-feedback system with electroactive polymers
  • Heartbeat monitors with EKG and GPS

Audio system

Equipment for the presentation of audio stimuli and for testing the effects of rhythm and synchrony.

  • Speakers and headphones
  • Soundproof headphones
  • Microphones

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